About Innovation Company

Starting out in 2017, Innovation Company is a collection of people who have a proven history of success-laden, innovative approaches to business in their careers. Disciplined in marketing, sales and operations, our team is adept at successfully helping businesses to improve productivity, output, new sales and customer retention.

James Welch

James Welch Chief Innovation Officer

James Welch is the innovation guru that drives Innovation Company along.

His areas of expertise are in sales, marketing, and online marketing.

He has brought success to every company he has worked for, not through extensive product knowledge, or a database of customers he can bring on board, but through getting organisations to reconnect with their customers and to be much more suitable for new customers. He has built companies from the ground up and knows what 'good' business looks and feels like. He will challenge the way your company thinks, he will set goals that seem unrealistic, he will shake up the status quo through inspiration and innovation, he will help (and force) you to achieve your goals.

James Welch

James Hancocks Productivity Expert

James Hancocks is Innovation Company's expert in operational and productivity improvements.

James graduated with a degree in Performance Design and Production in 2007, and has spent the last 9 years working in the field of live events. From working his way from technician to company director, he has experience above his years. His background has taught him to think outside the norm and solve problems with fixed deadlines and limited resources.

If you have a problem trying to deliver the work you have or think you have efficiency savings to be made, James will relish and rise to the challenge. What some describe as his 'awkward' attitude, and his constant asking 'but why', leads him to get to the bottom of an issue in quick time.

He has led teams throughout his career and can help you get the best from your team, by helping you to identify your leaders, performers and 'hangers on'. He will show you how to put strategies in place to raise performance and deliver your goals.

Stacie Addison

Stacie Addison Marketing Expert

Stacie Addison has a degree in graphic design and her love of the elegant and balanced comes through in all that she does.

Her skills go beyond that of designer, although of course she is indispensable when building document suites or producing reports.

She is skilled more than most at seeing through the mist and getting to the bottom of what a customer wants, even when they aren't sure themselves. Stacie's true advantage is then to create a solution and generate demand. She can help you see who you should be communicating with, how you should be communicating and when you should be communicating it.

Zahed Kamal

Zahed Kamal Lead Developer

Zahed Kamal is lead developer at Innovation Company and has written our proprietary software such as HiveMind and Croissant as well as creating software and mobile apps for our clients. Zahed's key skill set is understanding client requirements from the off and is able to produce excellent, business-winning software.

Sebastian Free

Sebastian Free Outreach Expert

Sebastian Free is our Head of Outreach and responsible for the output of our well-regarded marketing strategies.

Here to help you build and create the everlasting relationships between clients and suppliers, his confidence and approachable personality makes him the ideal person to work with.

A background in marketing within the busy and ever changing IT industry has given him an insight into the need to be flexible and adaptable when trying to reach maximum efficiencies in marketing activity.

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