Bloomberg Innovation Index By Region

The Bloomberg Innovation Index rates countries on factors that when used together, are a representation of innovation levels. These factors are:

Here (above), you can see how countries have been scored, with a darker colour representing a higher score on the Innovation Index. The highest score given is 89.00, awarded to South Korea. For those of you who are not the best at geography, South Korea is the dark blue 'dot' to the west (left) of Japan. If you are really bad at geography, Japan is the long thin, dark blue shape to the east (right) of the map.

Hover your mouse over various regions and you will see each country's score.

Whilst the map above is a useful aid to see how where innovation happens across the world, we have broken down each region as follows:

European Countries Innovation Scores

As you could see from the world map of innovation scores, Europe is very well represented as a whole with Sweden leading the way with an innovation score of 83.98, closely followed by Germany, Switzerland, Finland and Denmark. Belgium, France, Austria, The Netherlands, Ireland and the UK also show strong rankings.

Eastern Europe Innovation Scores

In a map focused on the east of Europe, Poland leads the way with significant innovation scores from Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine. It is great to see countries so often ignored by western Europe to be strong contenders in the world of innovation.


Asia is blessed with some truly innovative nations such as South Korea, the current leading light of the innovation world. Following hot on their tale is Singapore and Japan. A little further behind are China, Malaysia, Thailand and Kazakhstan. We feel that China is incorrectly scored due to their secretive nature and Western bias, although this is improving on a daily basis.

For those of you with highly sensitive mice, you can see the innovation score for Singapore if you can navigate your mouse pointer to the one or two pixels that represent the country underneath the tip of Malaysia. It's tough, but can be done.

Southern Asia - showing Singapore (just)


As is expected, the United States (for now) is a leading innovator, but will President Trump's policies lead the company backwards or forwards in the coming years? Canada posts a typically Canadian score - not too great, not too shabby (Canada in a nutshell), whilst Brazil and Argentina posts low scores with corruption a huge factor in terms of innovation not playing more a part in their economies.


Dominated by Australia and New Zealand, Oceana is only represented in the Bloomberg Innovation Index by these two countries. You'll have to make up your own mind if you believe that New Zealand is a more innovative nation than China...

The Middle East

Israel, with its very strong score is followed by both Turkey and Cyprus with other countries in the region not included in the index.


Only two countries make the index from the African continent, which are Tunisia and Morocco, with both appearing and the very low end of the index.

Bloomberg Innovation Index Table of Scores

The list of countries in the Bloomberg Innovation Index 2017 in order of score.

Economy Score
South Korea 89
Sweden 83.98
Germany 83.92
Switzerland 83.64
Finland 83.26
Singapore 83.22
Japan 82.64
Denmark 81.93
United States 81.44
Israel 81.23
France 80.99
Austria 80.46
Belgium 77.18
Norway 76.89
Netherlands 75.23
Ireland 74.94
United Kingdom 74.52
Australia 73.33
New Zealand 71.63
Canada 71.58
China 68.89
Poland 67.47
Malaysia 66.98
Italy 65.57
Iceland 65.27
Russia 65.24
Hungary 63.15
Czech Republic 62.72
Spain 62.51
Greece 61.8
Portugal 60.65
Lithuania 60.5
Estonia 59.8
Luxembourg 59.2
Hong Kong 57.49
Slovakia 57.17
Turkey 57.11
Romania 57.06
Latvia 54.4
Malta 54.06
Croatia 53.65
Ukraine 50.78
Serbia 49.77
Thailand 47.06
Tunisia 46.79
Brazil 46.4
Cyprus 46.39
Kazakhstan 45.56
Argentina 44.62
Morocco 43.99

We hope that you found our breakdown of Bloomberg's Innovation Index useful!

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