xMind - Prepare to Brainstorm

xMind is simply a page of remarkable ideas and solutions that helps you to reset your existing thoughts about what is possible, so that your brain is working to its potential during a HiveMind session - or any brainstorming session.

This page is also useful to show colleagues when they tell you that something you ask them to do is "impossible".

Photo taken in 1913 Photo taken in 1913!

Truckception Truckception

Crash test 2009 vs 1959 Crash test 2009 vs 1959

DSLR Camera in pieces DSLR Camera, dissasembled

Obama Obama before and after

Skygarden A skygarden

50mph ball fired Ball fired at 50mph with truck doing same speed

50 years later 50 years later

Hard Drive A 10mb harddrive!

Doors in Morocco Doors in Morocco

Magnetic cookie dunker Magnetic cookie dunker

How English has changed How English has changed

Train carved from pencil Train carved from pencil

Building in Chile Building in Chile

Sawn in Half How being sawn in half works

Lobster on a planet? Lobster on a planet?

Impressive shoring Impressive shoring

See the other room See the other room

All now in a phone All now in a phone

Purpose Purpose

Bookcase Stairs Bookcase Stairs

How the iPhone camera has improved iPhone Camera Improvements

120 Years Difference 120 Years Difference

Camera Gimbal 120 Years Difference

Sundial Sundial

Easter Island Statue Easter Island Statue

Bentley Wiring Bentley Wiring

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