Innovative Leaders

We help business leaders to become more innovative, so that they can lead a business not just in performance, but by securing its future with innovative products, solutions, processes and behaviours.

Leaders wishing to bring innovation to the forefront of a business should ideally have some or all of these traits:

  • Truly Customer focused
    • All leaders will claim to be customer focused, but those that are consistently asking questions of customers in various form to understand their thoughts, needs and wants make the most innovative leaders
  • Vision
    • Leaders who are adept at painting clear pictures of what the future will bring are followed much more vehemently by their employees.
  • Motivational and Inspirational
    • Employees need to have their fire stoked on a regular basis. They are not like leaders in this respect, so a leader that can stoke their fires as well as their own will help to bring more people to the point of wanting to aid any innovative process.
  • Provocativeness
    • Sometimes an employee needs to think differently or needs a real jolt, taking them down an altogether different path - and agreeableness isn't the way to make this happen. At times, provocation can rapidly help the innovation process - and the best leaders know the fine balance between provocativeness and criticism.
  • Candid
    • Think of your favourite teacher or boss. Were they the teacher that was harsh with you, but fair when they needed to be? Thought so. Blunt answers may have hurt at the time, but they helped you to get where you are today. This quality is crucial, we feel, for a strong innovative leader.
  • Goal Setting
    • An important trait to have, especially when followers may lack confidence or vision. Leaders that consistently set goals that stretch the minds of employees are usually good innovators.
  • Excellent communicators
    • Employees want clarity. They want to know exactly what their boundaries (not instructions) are - and people with solid boundaries, and a clear line of communication throughout the business are fuel to the innovative fire.
  • Risk taking
    • Employees knowing that it's OK to take risks during the development of new products or services feel so much more confident and free to experiment. A leader that encourages this aids a strong chance of innovation success.

Within our innovation services and innovation consultancy offerings, we help leaders to become much more innovative along with their employees.

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