HiveMind Innovation Framework

HiveMind is a framework created by Innovation Company for rapidly innovating and problem solving. Used mainly in table-top form during meetings, from brainstorming sessions to client strategy meetings to board meetings, HiveMind helps to resolve issues and solve problems in record time.

HiveMind Innovation Framework used in tabletop mode.

"The longer it takes to develop, the less likely it is to launch." - Jason Fried, 37 signals

Example Uses for HiveMind

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The HiveMind Method - how to use HiveMind when innovating and solving problems

When using the tabletop version of HiveMind in a meeting scenario, each participant is given an equal number of transparent hexagon tiles, which can be written on with a whiteboard pen.

The main topic for the meeting is written in the centre of the HiveMind board, with key parts of the conversation written in up to six 'knuckles' that surround the central shape. If a meeting was about opening a restaurant, then these key parts may include 'location', 'staff', 'brand', 'finance' and so on.

As thoughts appear in each person's head, they are encouraged to write them down on a hexagon tile and place it where they think is appropriate. Very quickly, each person will start to add value to the discussion, and the group will decide if tiles should stay or move positions.

"The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else." - Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

Because each person can see the collective thoughts of the whole group, rather than just know their own thoughts, many thousands of creative permutations become possible, and ideas are exponentially generated. This is just one of the reasons of how and why HiveMind rapidly solves problems.

HiveMind engineers a pure, egalitarian platform, with everyone having equal ability to dictate the flow of a meeting, rather than the most senior person in the room taking over, or even hijacking the meeting and agenda. Egalitarianism is absolutely key for rapid innovation and rapid solutions to be created. The lack of egalitarianism in meetings is by far the biggest hurdle to meeting success - and almost every meeting held today is not truly egalitarian due to hierarchy and personality differences.

Optionally (and suggested), a person can be appointed to record the tabletop events in the digital version of HiveMind. This makes the sharing of meeting activity even more potent when needing to follow-up or recall meeting events and discussions.

HiveMind Collage.

Recording meetings in a way never seen before

In the vast majority of meetings that have ever been held since the dawn of time, it is true that most ideas and possible outcomes have barely surfaced, due to the disconnection between thoughts of each participant and their ability to record these thoughts in a way that is suitable. HiveMind not only allows an individual's thoughts to be recorded in the first truly suitable way, but records the thoughts of an entire group like never before.

The typical way to record what has happened in a meeting (the 'minutes') is drastically outdated. It is akin to using a serial device such as a tape reel to store the contents of a solid state disk. 'Replaying' a meeting (as in someone reading the minutes of a meeting) does not truly convey what and how things happened in the meeting. It is a very pale comparison indeed and no substitute.

HiveMind Innovation Framework.

You can see an example of a live, digital version of a HiveMind below, which is used to train salespeople and account managers about the importance of questions. Click on hexagons once to bring to the centre of the screen and then again to see content on the reverse.

Why use HiveMind instead of using pen, paper, and/or phones, laptop devices?

Continuing to use 'serial' methods of recording the way that your brain thinks is simply delaying/hampering/ruining/diluting any decisions, growth, and solutions that you want to achieve. Your brain, and the combined brains of several people in a meeting, does not create ideas in serial fashion, nor does it recall information in this way. The brain(s) within a meeting store and view topics and items in the same way that HiveMind is designed.

If you want to make meetings many times more useful, more fruitful, and more potent than competitors meeting in the 'default', centuries-old way, then HiveMind is the way to achieve this. If you want to make much better decisions, many times faster than the competition, then HiveMind is the way to do it.

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