HiveMind Innovation Framework

HiveMind is a framework for rapidly innovating and presenting content. Used mainly in table-top form during meetings, whether they be brainstorming sessions or meetings to solve a problem, we have now released this beta digital version.

HiveMind Innovation Framework used in tabletop mode.

Some quotes to explain why you NEED to rapidly innovate:

"The longer it takes to develop, the less likely it is to launch." - Jason Fried, 37 signals

"The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else." - Eric Ries, The Lean Startup

Uses for HiveMind

Maybe you can think of more? Please let us know via the contact form.

You can register for free, here:

You can see an example of a live HiveMind below, which is used to train salespeople and account managers about the importance of questions. Click on hexagons (and the other shapes) once to bring to the centre of the screen and then again to see content on the reverse.


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