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We are an innovation company, or innovation agency if you like - offering consulting and coaching services, specialising in the areas of sales, marketing and workplace effectiveness. We help businesses to 'stay ahead of being relevant'.

Is one or more of these questions relevant to your business?

Do you want to innovate while the going is good - or wait until you need to react?
Is the sales team really spending enough time on each of your clients?
Are you a thought leader?
Need us to define innovation for your business?
Do your proposal documents work against you?
Do you have increased competition?
Do you want or need to move from a transactional business, to a consultative service?
Is what you sell as relevant as it was?
Is what your business does still working as well as it did?
Do you think you could - or may need to - sell into new business sectors?
Is new industry technology something you need to adapt to soon?
Do you win less pitches than you used to?
Do you struggle to get your employees to understand just how important customers are?
Could board meetings be more useful and fruitful?
Are you agile enough to face the future?
Great leadership requires constant study - do you?
Would you like to be more sure of your company's decision making?
What does it take to be a leader in innovation?
What is disruptive innovation?
Do departments communicate effectively?
What is innovation?
Do your staff tell you that they don't have enough time to do things?

If one or more of these questions 'hit home', then let's talk. These are just some of the questions that our clients needed to resolve. Who knows, you may have different innovation questions altogether?

Who are you and what's the best way for us to know how to help your business become more innovative?

I'm a director of the company

I'm Head of Innovation

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I'm the 'clever person' at the company, but innovation isn't in my job title.

Our Innovation Software Solutions


Croissant is software to ensure that employees at all levels of a business are recognised when they go above and beyond. By allowing directors of a business to see amazing things that employees anywhere in the world have achieved, excellent staff can be rewarded. Croissant ensures that staff compete with each other to do amazing things for each other and their customers.


HiveMind is a rapid innovation tool that allows teams to quickly create solutions to business problems. It is used to create new products, to decide how a company can grow, how departments can better communicate, and many other ways where rapid innovation and decisions are required.

What does innovation mean to us?

We were asked during an industry conference panel recently, "what does innovation mean to you?".

When you think of innovation, these words may come to mind: unconventionality, renovation, reorganisation, advancing, invention, leading-edge, pioneer, change, transformation, restructuring, modernisation, restyling, alteration, metamorphosis, rearrangement...

...but to us, the word relevant is extremely important when thinking about innovation. Because being relevant is the foundation level that allows for innovation to take hold. If a business is not relevant to its customers, then becoming innovative will be extremely hard indeed and in most cases, wasteful at best.

We think of innovation as two stages -

So our answer to this question was, "innovation means staying ahead of being relevant". And as an innovation agency, we help our clients to become more relevant with customers and help them to innovate to win better customers.

The rise of innovation

As you can see from this graph below, the use of the word innovation has been on a steep rise since the mid-nineties and will continue to rise at a sharper level. This is because an increased number of businesses realise that to beat the competition is to stay ahead with, to understand and to 'touch' customers more, while giving greater value to them. And greater value almost always comes from being more innovative than the competition.

We'd suggest that now is the time to be more innovative than your competitors.

growth of the use of innovation

Use of the word 'innovation' in literature

What innovative processes or innovation frameworks do we suggest?

In a word, HiveMind! We created HiveMind to aid the process of innovation within companies and between teams of innovators.

HiveMind is both a physical and digital framework for helping businesses to innovate rapidly, using the egalitarian nature of its design, which creates an environment for each participant to work together on an equal footing - breaking down one of innovation's fiercest foes - elitism.

HiveMind is used not only to quickly create solutions to problems, but to realise problems and solutions that were not even thought about previously.

You can see an example HiveMind below in digital and tabletop form. HiveMind innovation framework and process

HiveMind Innovation Framework used in tabletop mode.

Mainstays of our service offerings

Management Innovation - Innovation in management practices help to create advantages over the competition, producing swings of power within an industry at their peak. Of all the types of advantages from process innovation to service innovation, nothing else can compete with how significant management improvements have helped companies to dramatic performance increases.

A management breakthrough can give a gargantuan advantage to an innovating company and change very quickly who the rest of the industry looks up to. Innovations in marketing and IT/technology innovation deliver much smaller advantages in the grand scheme of things.

Whatever type of innovative solution that we work on with clients from sales to research, we always work on management innovation whether in the foreground, or in the background.

Inclusivity - We make sure that innovation becomes inclusive of all people within a business as innovative thoughts often come from the least likely places. When many people throughout a business are involved, it helps to change the innovation culture within a company and people start to ask more questions of each other and of your products and services. With an inclusive policy regarding innovation, it's important that people are not ridiculed for having ideas or trying something different, which is what we try and foster in all of our relationships with our clients. Adding to this mix giving recognition for endeavours relating to innovative thinking and new ideas will help the innovation bug to spread far and wide within a company.

Looking Outside the Industry - Stories, happenings, unique and interesting 'things' that happen in other industries can catapult ideas in a different industry. Oftentimes, gigantic success can come from someone moving from one industry to another, so adopting principles and behaviours from innovators in other industries can spark the most crucial of ideas to take a company forward.

So, are you looking for an Innovation Agency?

So, to summarise, if you're looking for an agency to help with business innovation strategies at your company, in ways such as increasing value given to customers, marketing in more efficient, tactile ways, or coaching sales teams to think differently about customers, then call us.

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