Hello, we are the 'Innovation Company'.

We help clients to rapidly improve sales, marketing, collaboration, and productivity through innovation consultancy.

To help with business growth, things that we typically do for our clients result in: many new customers, much higher revenue per client, existing customers are more trusting, huge productivity and collaboration improvements between employees, and organisations that become fresh and relevant again.

If you would like to see a case study about how we work, then you will find our work with Apex useful. Our work on the strategy for 5GHB, a 5G broadband comparison engine is also shaping up quite well.

We have also created the largest collection of innovation questions and answers on the internet.

Innovation Consultants

Through our professional boutique innovation consultancy, strategy, insight and technology, we advise businesses to 'stay ahead of being relevant'. From our north west and London offices, we create a culture of innovative behaviours for our UK and overseas customers.

Are you truly relevant in your sector/industry?

Answer the thought provoking questions below.

These are just some of the issues we address on the road to making your company a relevant part of your sector.

Once your company is truly relevant to:

...we then begin further consultancy to future-proof your business for impending industry transformations.

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Innovation for Small Businesses cover.

Who are you and what's the best way for us to know how to help your business become more of an innovator?

I'm a director of the company

  • I'm here because I know that my company needs to be more innovative in looking after our existing customers and gaining more business, but we just never get the time.
  • There's loads of ways we could be more innovative and need external innovation consultancy to show me the great stuff I know is under my nose.
  • I'd like to become more of an innovative leader and create innovationism throughout the business.

I'm Head of Innovation

  • I'm always learning from others and I think outsourced innovation strategies would help in what I'm tasked to do.
  • I'd be interested to know more about HiveMind and how it can help me to rapidly solve problems and create innovative strategies.

I'm the 'clever person' at the company, but innovation isn't in my job title.

What being innovative mean to us?

We were asked during an industry conference panel, "what does innovation mean to you?".

When you think of innovation, these words may come to mind: unconventionality, renovation, reorganisation, advancing, invention, leading-edge, pioneer, change, transformation, restructuring, modernisation, restyling, alteration, metamorphosis, rearrangement...

...but to us, the word relevant is extremely important when thinking about and offering advice. Because being relevant is the foundation level that allows for innovationism to take hold. If a business is not relevant to its customers, then becoming innovative will be extremely hard indeed and in most cases, wasteful at best.

We think of innovating as two stages -

So our answer to this question was, "innovation means staying ahead of being relevant". And as an innovation agency, we help our clients to become more relevant with customers and help them to innovate to win better customers.

Innovation: Something introduced that is new or different. From the mid-15th century, meaning "restoration, renewal" and from the Latin, innovationem. If you checked the history of an industry, such as vaping, you would find myriad innovations, idea spurts, and patent wars.

Just some of the innovating companies that we currently work with are Manchester skip hire firm, Sheridan Skips, software and collaboration giants, Microsoft, Manchester SEO experts, Embryo, and food manufacturing recruitment specialist, Silven who are doing some very innovative things recently.

If you would like to know more about business growth, management consultancy, strategy consulting, what consultants do, top consulting firms, or our business advisory services, then head over to the innovation consulting page.

Our Innovationist Software Solutions


HiveMind is a rapid innovation tool that allows teams to quickly create solutions to business problems. It is used to create new products, to decide how a company can grow, how departments can better communicate, and many other ways where rapid innovating and decisions are required.


Croissant is software to ensure that employees at all levels of a business are recognised when they go above and beyond. By allowing directors of a business to see amazing things that employees anywhere in the world have achieved, excellent staff can be rewarded. Croissant ensures that staff compete with each other to do amazing things for each other and their customers.


A microlearning platform that ensures that staff are constantly and consistently learning about topics relating to their roles and how your company should operate. If staff retaining crucial information and knowledge that helps them in their roles is an issue, then TimeTrain is the solution.

What processes or frameworks do we suggest for innovating?

In a word, HiveMind! We created HiveMind to aid the process of hyperinnovation within companies and between teams of innovators. By hyperinnovation, we mean that we aid greatly improved speed and magnitude of innovative solutions.

HiveMind is both a physical and digital innovation framework for helping businesses to innovate rapidly, using the egalitarian nature of its design, which creates an environment for each participant to work together on an equal footing - breaking down one of innovating's fiercest foes - elitism.

HiveMind is used not only to quickly create solutions to problems, but to realise problems and solutions that were not even thought about previously.

Here's HiveMind in both tabletop and digital form.

HiveMind innovation framework and process

Looking for an innovative transformation agency or a management consultancy?

You may have be looking for small, boutique innovational management consultancies when you started to search for some outsourced business help, which is another way to describe our service offering. If you're looking for one of the top innovation consulting firms to help with business strategies at your company, in ways such as increasing value given to customers, marketing in more efficient, tactile ways, or coaching sales teams to think differently about customers, then call us.

Let's talk

We'd love to discuss how we can unlock the innovation in your business and work together. Call us on 0161 7060483.

We're an innovational management consultancy enabling SMEs to grow fast using audacity and impact.

Our consulting includes coaching salespeople, sales outreach, tactical marketing campaigns, business growth strategy, and reducing risk.

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