About Us

Starting out in summer 2018, Innovation Company is made from people who have a proven history of success-laden, innovative approaches to business in their careers. Disciplined in marketing, sales and operations, our team is adept at successfully helping businesses to improve grow - fast - by improving productivity, output, sales channels and customer retention.

James Welch

James Welch Chief Innovation Officer

James Welch is the innovation guru that drives Innovation Company along.

His areas of expertise are in sales, marketing, innovation, and collaboration.

He has brought success to every company he has worked for, not through extensive product knowledge, or a database of customers he can bring on board, but through getting organisations to reconnect with their customers and to be much more suitable for new customers.

Zahed Kamal

Zahed Kamal Lead Developer

Zahed Kamal is lead developer at Innovation Company and has written our proprietary software such as HiveMind and Croissant as well as creating various innovation software for the company to use with clients.

Zahed's key skill set is understanding client requirements from the off and is able to produce excellent, business-winning software.

Masyab Sobhan

Masyab Sobhan Creative Director

Masyab Sobhan is our creative genius. The inspiration for all our imagery and how we present ourselves to the world.

His background in image creation, art direction, and animation helps us to present both ourselves and our clients in ways to stimulate the mind.

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