We grow businesses by introducing innovative behaviours

Mission Statement: We help businesses to become truly relevant in their industry sector by guiding them to innovate in the area of sales, marketing, and operations.

Our Story: (by the boss) Over the past 10-15 years, I (James Welch), have been helping businesses to perform to much higher standards. First in the discipline of online performance of company websites and internet presences, then to helping businesses create strategies to tackle sales and marketing challenges. This grew further into helping businesses perform operationally, too.

Along the way, I've met many characters when delivering solutions, whether those solutions were through software or consultancy. Some characters were great, some not so great. On that journey, I've met Zahed, Masyab and Ronnie, who with myself, form the base of the company at present.

Let's start an innovation consultancy! - James Welch, Innovation Company

Manchester map and bee Manchester, UK - with a bee!

Starting out in summer 2018, Innovation Company, based in Manchester, UK, (but with staff in Uttoxeter and Chittagong, Bangladesh, too) is now a bunch of people with innovative approaches to business.

Disciplined, yet creative approaches to marketing, sales and operations, our team is adept at successfully helping businesses to improve and grow - fast - by improving productivity, output, sales channels and customer retention.

The 'aha' moment: In meeting and working with many business owners, I saw similar issues over and over, culminating in creating Innovation Company to help businesses not to merely fix problems, but to allow the adoption of innovative behaviours, and metronomic behaviours, helping companies to scale in many ways.

An awful lot of time is spent by experts and coaches on explaining how to fix business issues, but much less information or work is done on helping businesses to adopt innovative behaviours, allowing them to be able to scale, so that's what we do.

Understanding that innovative behaviours were lacking in the vast majority of businesses formed the bedrock of my decision to create the company.

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What we are good at

  • Problem solving
  • Sales & marketing strategies
  • Operational fixes
  • Technology
  • Online marketing
  • Creating new software platforms to suit just you.
  • Adding value

What we do a lot of

  • Moulding key employees
  • Getting directors to work on, not in the business
  • Listening
  • Observing
  • Getting our hands dirty
  • Writing reports
  • Adding value

The Team

James Welch

James Welch Chief Innovation Officer

James Welch is the innovation guru that drives Innovation Company along.

His areas of expertise are in sales, marketing, innovation, and collaboration.

He has brought success to every company he has worked for, not through extensive product knowledge, or a database of customers he can bring on board, but through getting organisations to reconnect with their customers and to be much more suitable for new customers.

Zahed Kamal

Zahed Kamal Lead Developer

Zahed Kamal is lead developer at Innovation Company and has written our proprietary software such as HiveMind and Croissant as well as creating various innovation software for the company to use with clients.

Zahed's key skill set is understanding client requirements from the off and is able to produce excellent, business-winning software.

Masyab Sobhan

Masyab Sobhan Creative Director

Masyab Sobhan is our creative genius. The inspiration for all our imagery and how we present ourselves to the world.

His background in image creation, art direction, and animation helps us to present both ourselves and our clients in ways to stimulate the mind.

Ronnie Cane

Ronnie Cane Head of Social

Ronnie Cane is the social media guru of Innovation Company.

Ronnie is an innovative and creative visionary that is always ahead of the trend in the online world to ensure we stay relevant.


Bella Deputy Head of Woof

Bella is Bromley's understudy and barely moves a muscle unless she has to.


Bromley Head of Woof

Bromley is the dog that started it all off, but now takes a back seat.

Who do we serve?: We work with SME directors and with the heads of innovation at larger companies. We have great experience working with digital agencies, tech companies, companies with SaaS products, recruitment agencies, companies with a technical edge, but our favourite types of company to work with are in fields that we are yet to explore.

Our values: We like to add much greater value than we receive in payment. This, we believe, is the way to build a strong, solid platform for a business. We have never sold, or will ever 'sell' our services. Instead, we front-load solutions and value, so that potential clients make their own decision to work with Innovation Company. It simply wouldn't work otherwise. Also, if we believe that we have not given enough value in working with a client, then we request no payment.

Why the metronome?: We help business leaders to ensure that metronomic business procedures operate within their companies, ensuring that growth happens day in, day out, despite what fires are fought by various departments and employees.


Our Inspirations

These are the people that have inspired us in business and our careers.

James and his team have proved invaluable to our business, helping us to attack markets and to become much more nimble than we were previously. Our message is much more understandable, and our offering that much more exciting because of Innovation Company. - Simon Hunt, Close.

How do we do it?

Our innovation consultancy services are built around our innovation framework platform, HiveMind. This tabletop and web-based solution helps teams make excellent business decisions at much faster pace, which is crucial for today's fast-paced world, where being ahead of the competition is increasingly important.

HiveMind Innovation Framework collage.

Each client of Innovation Company is able to use the HiveMind platform as part of ongoing consultancy.

What is the future for Innovation Company?

Our mission and goal is to continue working with clients that we love, helping them to further successes. Boring, eh? We don't think so. Other than improving businesses through our consultancy and software platforms, we love to learn more about the business world around us. Want to join as a client or employee?

Getting to know us a little better...

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