The Power of Storytelling

Through the power of storytelling, we help our clients to a much deeper understanding of what makes employees tick at every level of their organisation. Our proprietary platform, croissant, gives insight to myriad good employee behaviours that go on each day within a company that never get recognised.

It is our belief that increased recognition is a key element in the improvement employee behaviour towards both colleagues and customers. Not only that, croissant helps to show how well business messages travel both up and down the chain of command, giving a whole new insight into how well a management team is performing.

Our love of storytelling comes from Steve Wynn and the way that his hotel business uses it to their distinct advantage. Any traveler to Las Vegas will know just how much the customer experience is better at Wynn's Vegas hotels than even the closest of local competition.

Using storytelling to your advantage helps employees gain recognition as well as helping leaders to inspire.

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