A roundup of the latest innovation news stories from mid-October, 2018

True 'innovation' generates ideas, not wealth

Ancient innovators were poets, thinkers, artisans and scientists, not business owners. The classical Greek philosopher Socrates did not become famous for the massive dividends that he provided to his shareholders in the hemlock industry.

For Today's Manufacturers, Innovation Is A Question of Balance

There’s no denying that the manufacturing industry is going through a period of near-unprecedented change. Across the board, the rapid emergence of new technologies and the growing influence of big data are disrupting traditional operating practices in a way not seen since the Industrial Revolution.

Weird and wonderful of tech innovation at Gitex 2018

From flying cars to automated pizza delivery carts, the first day of Gitex Technology Week 2018 did not disappoint in its usual fare of weird and wonderful offerings from the world of innovation.

Innovation at NBAA: Attendees to Explore VTOL, Blockchain

NBAA’s Innovation Zone is returning to BACE this year for a fifth time, highlighting numerous forward-looking topics from remote-piloted VTOL aircraft to blockchain and the future for young professionals. Tucked within the convention floor at the north end (Booth 694), the Innovation Zone will host nine sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday of the 2018 NBAA-BACE, providing a venue for discussion on cutting-edge technologies and topics of importance to the industry’s future. It also will enable young professionals to meet and network.

Innovation in the business ecosystem

Changes by man to survive and improve himself and his environment are recorded in history as Civilization. In the 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years of the earth’s estimated existence, spontaneous changes in nature and intervening changes by the biblical “all creatures big and small” developed interdependencies that bonded groups and communities with similar ways and common concerns. In their “ecosystems” or close environment, all co-evolve in competition and collaboration on available resources, and the joint adaptation to external disruptions.

How the IoT Is Providing Lessons for Supply Chain Innovation - 2018-10-14 - Page 1 - RFID Journal

Oct 14, 2018 We're in the middle of a massive shift in supply chain management. According to a 2017 Boston Consulting Group (BCG) study, the Internet of Things (IoT) technology market within discrete manufacturing, worth $10 billion in 2015, will be worth $40 billion in 2020.

When politics and business mix, innovation takes a hit

Across the world and, especially in India, politics and business often intertwine. Firms use political connections for favourable regulations, to cut red tape, or to access resources. These connections can help firms, but how do they impact competition and innovation in an economy?

EY's new innovation center in Singapore to focus on disruptive technologies

EY announces the expansion of its EY wavespace network of global growth and innovation centers, with a new center in Singapore that will help companies innovate and transform their businesses for growth opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.

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